The founder of S8UL and 8bit Creatives, Animesh ‘8bit Thug’ Agarwal, and gaming content creator and ex PUBG competative player , Naman ‘MortaL’ Mathur, have joined forces to create a gaming course called Learn Gaming. The Learn Gaming course is available now on Frontrow.In this course, they are going to discuss how teenagers from various parts of India can improve their gaming skills, learn to grow their YouTube channel to slowly develop gaming as a career option in future.

With games like Valorant finding a place in India’s gaming scene and Battlegrounds Mobile closely inching towards a release, MortaL and Thug are going to discuss the important things of different games through video lectures and other stuff. 

The gaming course will cover various topics such as why you should consider a career in gaming, skills and techniques that will make you a better player, growing your YouTube channel, and more.The current price of the course is only 499/- INR. The full list of topics covered in Mortal and 8bit Thug’s Learn Gaming course are listed below:
1. Why Gaming?
2. Game mechanics & meta
3. Playing in a squad
4. Game skills & training
5. Growing YouTube channel
6. Engaging with your audience
7. Entering tournaments
8. Business of Esports

This course will cover why one should consider a career in gaming. It takes a deep dive into the techniques and skills players need to develop to become a better game. These players can grow and manage teams which would help them win in tournaments, bringing lucrative cash prizes! Apart from building a career in the gaming industry, the likes of MortaL & 8bit Thug will also share their key learnings and advice from growing a gaming YouTube channelparticipating in Esports, and building an organization for it.

While talking about the gaming course, Mortal said (via AFK Gaming), “Basically we had just one idea, which came up when I was discussing with Thug that viewers on stream ask a lot of questions, but many of them are repeated several times. So, we decided to create a course, a place where all your questions will be answered.”

8bit Thug added, “The answers stored in one pace for lifetime, which is what the FrontRow gaming course is. This course will teach you everything and will also include several live classes.” Subscribed users will have access to live session with 8bit Thug and Mortal.

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