Around the world the widely played sports is football. Now if you ask any foreign people “what the sports you know that India plays”. The answer will be “Cricket”. India is known to the World for it’s cricket and Cricket players. Now in recent years football in India is getting popular. Kids are more interested to play football than before and more than playing they are considering football as their profession. lets find out if Indian football is in right path of success?

India team’s current FIFA ranking is 105. The best ranking of India is 97 in 2018 and worst ranking is 171 in 2014.

India’s FIFA Ranking Year-wise

Why the team has the worst and the best FIFA ranking in last 10 year

Change of mentality is the main reason. India’s football culture somewhat changed from passionate football to professional football. Previously we used to have only Mohun Bagan and East Bengal as a big clubs. Other clubs were also there but they didn’t sustained for long for financials and other reasons. In 2014 with the help of FSDL AIFF stated a new league ISL. At the starting days, all the I-League clubs started complaining about ISL and they didn’t release player for ISL. After some time they also understood that ISL is the way forward for Indian football. ISL starts paid off from 2016 when Indian football suddenly started getting result in international matches.

In 2015 Stephen Constantine was reappointed. That also paid off. He has a lot for success than his 2002-2005 stint. Indian team a very good shape under him. Under him India won SAFF Championship in 2015, Hero Tri-Nation series in 2017, Intercontinental Cup in 2018. They qualified for AFC Asian cup.

One torchbearer and not much support

  • P K Banerjee 1952-67
  • Shabbir Ali 1974-84
  • I M Vijayan 1989-2004
  • Bhaichung Bhutia 1995-2011
  • Sunil Chhetri 2005-till now

After 1999 India did not able to form a group a good players in together to build a good team. After 2014 India is now also seeing some good players in groups. Like Chhetri, jeje, Manvir, Udanta, Sandesh Jhingan etc.

Igor Štimac episode

After early exit in AFC Asian cup Stephen Constantine stepped down. Igor ┼átimac was then appointed as new head coach. There was lots of expectation from him. But so far he hasn’t delivered. under him India drew against AFC champion Qatar. But he till now not abled to put together a team. In each tour he is doing experiments bringing new players. God knows when he will be able to put together a team and his experiment will be Over.

India team has a jump in 2016 but it’s still around there. It’s needed another jump to get it’s goal. That will be only possible if India can put a solid team together. If players age given a long run together, they can better understand themselves. That will benefit Indian football.

Foreigner In clubs

In the top league ISL 5 foreigners allowed in first 11. we have to reduce that because the number is too much. The clubs are bringing best foreigners for CB, CAM, ST which are main position of football. For that Indian footballer in that position does not get any chance. Coaches forcefully changes Indian players position to accommodate them. Indian Winger now becoming Side back. If this continues then India will not be able to produce good players for those position.

Thankfully FSDL and AIFF reduced number of foreigners in First 11 to 4. But they have to ensure that at least one Indian Forward, Central midfielder and Centre Back is in every team.

So Indian football have to make some course correction like they did in 2014 to achieve there goal. Then only Indian football will be in right path of success.

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