The Ahmedabad Urban Development Authority is reportedly looking to hire an agency for surveying the infrastructure required in Ahmedabad to host the 2036 Olympics. There are reports that the government is gearing up to host the next Olympics 2036 in Ahmedabad. The agency will conduct a survey in Ahmedabad over the next three months and prepare. They will submit a report on all the criteria required to host the mega-event. Home Minister Amit Shah endorsed for Olympics hosting during the inauguration of the Narendra Modi stadium. Now lets find is this a reality or illusion for politics.


2012 London Olympics cost Brazil over $14.8 billion dollars. 2016 Rio Olympics cost Brazil over $13.1 billion dollars. The estimated cost for the Tokyo Games has already crossed $15 billion.

India has a experience of hosting 2010 Commonwealth Games. This has officially costs India $7.5 billions and unofficially $10 billions. Ahmedabad has to build the whole infrastructure expect some. This will cost more. The expected cost to host might be up to $25 billion. where you never know about future circumstances and inflations all. This is a huge task to make this kind of investment. The profit of hosting Olympics is getting lower and lower because of reworked IOC revenue model. The developing country like India has to work out very consciously. They have to understand the economical viability. This should not be a repeat of 2010 Commonwealth Games.

The tourism is a way from where you can make money. Tourism need a heavy look into to make tourism a best one in the country. That will help to attract people to came and visit the state and country. This strategy also need to be look into if there is total financial profit.

Sports Are Included

The sports are different for Summer and Winter Olympics. Ahmedabad will be a summer Olympics if it happens. Summer Olympics includes Archery, Athletics (Field and Track), Athletics (Marathon-Race Walks), Aquatics, Aquatics (Swimming Marathon), Badminton, Basketball, Boxing, Kanoi-Kayak, Kanoi-Kayak (Spring) Mountain Bike), Cycling (Road), Cycling (Track), Equestrian, Fencing, Football (Finals) Football (Prelims), Golf, Gymnastics, Handball, Hockey, Judo, Modern Pentathlon, Rowing, Rugby, Sailing, Taekwondo, Tennis, Triathlon, Volleyball, Volleyball (Beach), Weightlifting and Wrestling.

It might include cricket as well. Except few sports other facilities are to made newly. That will have a extra cost with future maintenance.


In March, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal had pledged to launch a bid for the 2048 Olympics. That will mark 100 years of India’s independence. After that the Indian Olympic Association president Narinder Batra had suggested Ahmedabad too, could be considered for the 2036 or 2040 edition. Currently Ahmedabad is building Sardar Vallabhai Patel Sports Enclave. The authority has inaugurated the Narendra Modi stadium within it. They are eyeing for making it a Olympics facility. They have to make lot more facilities to make it a Olympics facility.

If they want to make it reality they have to make plans. In dreams they have a vision but they need a plan to make the dream came true. Otherwise it will be just a dream and a political stunt. Ahmedabad Urban Development Authority needs to call for a phase wise plan. The financial aspect needs a look as well. India already has a scam financially in 2010 CWC. Now they need to make financial pathway how to invest and where the money will come from. They have to make optimised expenditure. There should not be any scam.

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