More than 32% rise in number of Cyclones in last 5 years

India Meteorological Department 

In 2020 Amphan in west Bengal and some part of Odisha severe damage. Then in same year Nisarga causes damage in western coast. In this year Tauktae cause severe damage in Goa, Maharashtra and Gujrat. Amphan costs $13.7 Billion damage and Nisarga costs $803 million damage. This year Tauktae also made severe damage in affected areas. Now a new Cyclone Yaas is coming. It may hit west Bengal, Bangladesh Coast and some part of Odisha. In 2019 India seen 4 super to extreme severe Cyclone and total cost damaged is close to $11.5 Billion.

Now the question is why?

Back to Back severe Cyclone is a effect of Global Warming. The temperature of the Indian Ocean rose overall by 0.7 degrees Celsius. The generally colder western Indian Ocean experienced an unexpected warming of 1.2 degrees. The Cyclones in Arabian sea increasing it’s intensity because of CO emissions and temperature increase.

Cyclones occur in the pre-monsoon months of May to June and the post-monsoon months of October to November. Among all the cyclones that formed in the waters of the Bay of Bengal, over 58 per cent approached the coast during the October-November post-monsoon season and 30 per cent did so during pre-monsoon season.

All the Cyclones That formed in Arabian sea reaches coasts only 25 per cent time. This happen both pre-monsoon and post-monsoon.

Here below we see the Cyclone prone zone of India.

Who give name to Cyclones ?

There is 13 countries affected by Cyclone in this region of Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal. Alternatively all the Countries give name to Cyclones. The name Tauktae, was nominated by Myanmar. Oman gave the name Yaas. After this the names will be Gulab (Pakistan), Shaheen (Qatar), Jawad (Saudi Arabia), and Asani (Sri Lanka).

Technological Advancements helping us to predict Cyclone beforehand but that is not enough. We have to take initiative to reduce global Warming. ISA will take a crucial part in achieving that.

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