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In this competitive world, there is a cut-throat fight going on where everyone wants to grow as quick as flash and light, the businesses are operating in a very advanced stage, the online presence has become a parameter for judging the reach of an entity. Major 60% role play check website position for Keyword is too much important nowadays.

SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is playing a major role in increasing the online presence of businesses. Whoever gets best in SEO rankings, he/she gets the elite position of showcasing his/her business at the top bars of the Search engines, so it is very essential to produce SEO oriented content for the website for any purpose, our content becomes a SEO rich content when we use SEO based keywords in it, Keywords are the target points, which are very important to be achieved, we need to check website position for Keyword, there are various tools to check the website position for keyword. These tools are used to monitor the keywords for creating content.

WHAT IS KEYWORD MONITORING TOOL(check website position for Keyword)?

Keywords are simply the most widely and common used words for a particular domain of work for which user searches online. Check website position for Keyword helps our websites to come top at the search bar of a search engine.

Keyword research is a big necessity to get SEO-BASED keywords because on-page SEO is no longer satisfied by raw keyword use, matching keywords to searcher intent is critical, we require to monitor the keyword in a very efficient way to get good results in getting traffic for the websites.


1.         It helps in knowing our website’s position

We can easily find out the results of the created content. check website position for Keyword research helps us in knowing the effectiveness of the used keywords in our content and helps us to analyze the value.

2.         It helps in knowing the Trends.

Business or a working entity should know the current trends on the basis of which they will frame their services and content. keyword research helps us in knowing current trends by the keywords

3.         Exposing Competitor’s strategy

We can track our competitor’s strategy of using keywords and can compare it with our keywords to know the mistakes done by us from our side in getting good keywords and instant results.

In the web has many tools for keyword monitoring, these tools are also called keyword rank monitoring tools. We can easily find our website’s rank in search engines with these tools.


Some of my favorite keyword monitoring tools like Ahrefs, SemRush, UberSuggest etc.

It is very important to be visible if you want to showcase your talent and services. There are many keyword research tools that help in making us visible, it helps to optimize our content. We don’t optimize for conversions, we optimize for revenue as well.

There are some point according to which we can judge a Keyword research tool, they are such as:


Cost is one of the biggest factors of a SEO tool, because there are many types of people who use this type of tools for various different reasons and projects, these tools should be cost-effective.


The tool should provide a one-time trial to experience the working conditions and interface of the tool, which will help the user  in making decisions.


It should help the clients in trouble and should provide required information, should also clear the doubts regarding the tool and services provided to their users.


We should check the online ratings which are rated to them in different platforms, their ratings shows us the reliability of the users and clients of the tool.


The tool should have impressive and innovative properties. It should have properties which will ease the work of the user and should provide a very effortless experience.

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